Things That Work

Amid the Trumpian doom and gloom ("Only I can fix it!"), I'm conscious of the things that work, that keep me moving.

Last week I was trying to get to Oakland Airport, and the BART fare would have been $8. Uber Pool was $5, and the time half. I'd taken Southwest down to the Bay Area, because the airline runs on time, its fare are cheap, and the ticket prices are fully transferable. The day before flying I'd been on the phone with Apple service, for which I'd gladly paid $300 for an extra three years of support. Apple keeps my my phone, my desktop and my laptop linked together, and every time I call I get great service, even at 5 in the morning.

In an otherwise chaotic world I love having things that I can count on and people who don't take me for granted. Like global warming, the pack ice of our institutions is breaking up, and we feel alone on our own little bergs. There's opportunity in this, for the places and institutions that show they care, and that will make themselves reliable to prove it.