We start with "Why?"

We immerse ourselves in the business side of places, identifying how you can win with your distinctive local assets.  To us, a brand is a promise fulfilled.  We will help you define what you do distinctively well, what you make and sell the world, and then develop an action plan that is more than just a picture, that is a guide for going forward.   We want to know what are your most important goals and what winning will mean to you?  We take the extra time  to identify  options that others may rush by.

Then we go to “what?”:  The craftsmanship in our work comes from our diligence in reaching out to potential users, customers and tenants, first to find them, then to understand their business, and then to ask them what they need going forward.  We then translate this into competitive strategy as good as anything from Bain or McKinsey .  

And finally “how?”:  What good is a plan or a picture if you do not know how to get started?  We've had experience turning around projects that fail.  Our goal is to get you started immediately, doing the most important things first.  That's why we sometimes label our next steps section the "Monday Morning To Do List".  We also have extensive experience working in the board room, giving top level decision makers the confidence and understanding they need to move important ventures forward.