We provide place-based strategy for urban and economic development.  We advise municipalities, universities, medical centers and other institutions and investors on how to create places with high-wage, high-skill jobs. 

We work with clients to identify their competitive advantages and how they can focus their investment in these to draw talent and investment.  Other firms take a design-driven approach.  We combine statistical analysis and deep, on-the-ground research to identify where business is going, and then program the marketing and real estate to attract this.   

We have special expertise in jobs-based development and next-generation work districts.  We have worked both with leading R&D centers in creating places for start-ups and industry/ academic collaboration, and with older industrial towns in remaking themselves as centers of advanced urban manufacturing.  Our focus is on here-and-now opportunities for change, not a perfect plan that will take years to realize, but good strategy that will begin bringing results today.