Talent and Investment.  

Business Street provides place-based strategy for urban and economic development.  Our strategy guides the creation of urban places that attract talent and investment and create high-skill jobs.  Our work includes branding and positioning built on distinctive local expertise and advantages, market research on emerging industry needs and use, and financial analysis that determines the different between the leading and "bleeding edge" of innovative projects.  We have particular expertise in modern work districts, places for industry/ academic collaboration, and advanced urban industrial development.  

Our clients are the institutions and investors with a major stake in their community.  Besides city managers and economic development directors, our clients have included the president of one of the world's ten largest research universities, the chairman of British Columbia's provincially-owned auto insurance company, and two very wealthy real estate developers who own NBA teams.  Other firms provide economic studies and urban designs.  We provide practical, business-driven strategy that produces results today, not 20 years from now..